International Manufacturing conference

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IMC38 Call for Papers 2022.pdf

University College Dublin,

30th & 31st August 2022.

IMC37 1 of 3.pdf
IMC37 2 of 3.pdf
IMC37 3 of 3.pdf

IMC37, 2021

Athlone Institute of Technology

7th & 8th September 2021

coming soon.pdf

Trinity College Dublin:

29th August 2019

IMC35 Papers Dublin Institute of Technology 2018.pdf

Dublin Institute of Technology:

20th June 2018

IMC34 Papers Sligo Institute of Technology 2017.pdf

Sligo Institute of Technology:

30th & 31st August 2017

IMC33 Papers University of Limerick 2016.pdf

University of Limerick:

31st Aug & 1st September 2016

Proceedings: ISBN  978-1-5272-0850-6 

IMC32 Proceedings Queens University 2015.pdf

Queens University Belfast:

3rd & 4th September 2015

Proceedings: ISBN 978-1909131-05-7

Conference proceedings IMC31.pdf

Cork Institute of Technology &

University College Cork:

4th & 5th September 2014

Proceedings:  ISBN 978-0-9933033-0-2

IMC30 Proceedings UCD.pdf

University College Dublin:

3rd & 4th September 2013

Proceedings:  ISBN 978-1-90-525475-0

IMC29 Conference Proceedings UU.pdf

University of Ulster

29th -30th August 2012

Proceedings:  ISBN:  978-1-85923-253-8